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Craft Beer in Bonita Springs Florida
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Whether you're in the mood for a mellow brown, a hoppy pale, or looking to get twisted on some barley wine, we have it all. Our 11 core beers are on tap year-round. After brewing over 100 unique beers, these 11 are our favorite. They've made the cut. But that doesn't stop us from experimenting. We always have at least 1 rotating tap and sometimes up to 3 new beers pouring throughout the week. Last and usually least, we have a cider on tap for those of you that haven't quite realized how wonderful beer is yet. Here's to good beer and better people!


16 Degrees Celsius

A neutral, refreshing and easy drinking American wheat beer with subtle coriander and orange notes. The perfect warm weather craft beer for both the newbie and the seasoned craft drinker.

Style: American Wheat | ABV:  6 | IBU: 13 | SRM: 3

Pierce’s Pale

With a clean, citrus flavor, moderate bitterness and grapefruit aroma, Pierces Pale blurs the lines between an IPA and a pale. If you’re looking for a beer that appeals to light beer drinkers and hop heads alike, this is the one! Momentum's first award winner, first on tap, first in distribution and first Son, Pierce's Pale is creating a true legacy!

Style: Pale | ABV:  5.5 | IBU: 40 | SRM: 5.5


The Machinist

Our take on a traditional German style Berliner Weisse, The Machinist is a tart wheat beer that is crisp and refreshing. Our house blend of lactobacillus is used to create a pleasant and gentle acidity that is reminiscent of lemon. Using a blend of pilsner and wheat malts, The Machinist has a beautiful pale yellow color and a light pillowy body that pairs perfectly with the acidity.

Style: Berliner Weisse | ABV:  3.8 | IBU: 13 | SRM: 3


If you’ve been looking for an IPA that is bursting with tropical and citrus hop aromas yet is low in bitterness, this is it! Highly aromatic and refreshing, Instinct IPA hits your nose as you raise it to your mouth and pleases the pallet through its smooth finish. Clean and simple with a unique punch has always been Momentum’s style and Instinct is taking this brewing methodology to a new level. 

Style: IPA | ABV:  6 | IBU: 40 | SRM: 5.3

Gentle Jade

A combination of spiciness, tartness and citrus that only a farmhouse ale can balance. With its beautiful orange hue and effervescent carbonation, Gentle Jade is a refreshing and complex style any day of the week in Florida.  

Style: Saison | ABV:  6.0 | IBU: 30 | SRM: 7

White Noise

Bursting with grapefruit, orange, coriander, banana and clove, White Noise is a Belgian wheat of epic proportions. With a subdued bitterness, an aroma punch and a slight haze, White Noise is a refreshing and flavorful take on the IPA style.

Style: White IPA | ABV:  7.5 | IBU: 33 | SRM: 3.5

Dress Down

Mellow and sweet with characteristics of biscuit, vanilla, nuts and oak. Dress Down was created in the "come as you are" spirit. Whether relaxing around a campfire in the winter months up north or around a bonfire on the beach, Dress Down fits your relaxed mood. Come as you are, sit back, relax and enjoy.

Style: Brown | ABV:  5.5 | IBU: 27 | SRM: 19

Tricked Out

With notes of roasted coffee and chocolate, Tricked Out will appeal to anyone that enjoys a good cup of joe in the morning. Despite its dark color, Tricked Out is a mild stout that is easy to drink. Welcome to the
dark side. 

Style: Stout | ABV: 7.0 | IBU: 38 | SRM: 35


Knee Highs

Big, bold and provocatively well balanced. Knee High's elegant port red color pulls you in only to be enticed further by its sweet maltiness and intense floral and citrus flavor. This imperial red ale was created to be savored and cherished.

Style: Imperial Red | ABV:  9.5 | IBU: 83 | SRM: 15

Twisted Cap

Taking the gold medal at Florida's Best Beer Competition, Twisted Cap is ranked as the Best Barley wine in Florida 2016. Barley wines are just that, wine made from barley instead of grapes. Twisted Cap is a beer as complex as any wine with intense notes of fruit, sweetness and a beautiful deep burgundy hue. Twisted Cap is extremely well balanced bringing its malt and hop profile together for a pleasurable experience.

Style: Barley Wine | ABV:  12 | IBU: 96 | SRM: 18



Our version of a New England style IPA has all of the refreshing qualities of fresh fruit! Linear Motion New England IPA is characterized by an intentionally hazy appearance, a silky smooth mouthfeel and very low hop bitterness.  This style of IPA requires intense attention to detail throughout every part of the brewing process, and exemplifies all that we strive for in a high quality beer.

Style: New England IPA | Abv: 6% | IBU: 10 | SRM: 5.3